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PERSONAL JOURNEY: Having seen and walked a long road of challenges alongside her students and her own child with learning challenges, Dyslexia, and ADD/ADHD, Darleen van Tonder, one of our Directors, made a key decision to assist children and adults in bringing freedom and hope in the learning process and in Life Skills Development.

Out of this passion, she set about to study and qualify as a LearningSuccess Coach and Learning Styles Specialist. Retrain – our South African company – was a result of this.


KUTITIVA FOUNDATION: Evolved out of the vast need and a desire to change the social and educational landscape in underprivileged communities where funding and access is a major challenge.


TEAM: Our team is passionate in our “quest”to help children (and adults) know themselves and make better life choices with their innate resources and Life Skills.


OUR AIM: Alongside our students, we seek to also assist our unsung heroes  Рour teachers Рwho are overwhelmed with large classes, equipping them with simple, yet profound classroom management skills so that they have the tools to alleviate this daily challenge.


We therefore look at working into the very basics of the education system, helping both Learners and Educators to get a sense of knowing who they are so that can navigate the classroom environment and subsequent studies and life-choices with direction and a sense of purpose.


AN IMMEDIATE AND FUTURE GOAL: Is to partner with the Department of Basic Education so that our program can be streamlined into the core learning environment.


OUR NEED: Is for funding from the Private, Businesses and Corporate Sectors to enable the continuation of work into the core of our educational system. Funding can be for 1 child, to many, or teachers and school projects.



YOU BENEFIT: By your giving – of resources, money and even your time on a voluntary basis, you can change young lives for the future. Your company can obtain a Section 18A Tax certificate, or increase your BEE Score Card through your kind donations