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Kutitiva: know yourself, build your future!


Get ready to unearth yourself and your skills!

Welcome to KutitivaFoundation!

We are a non-profit organization created to help children and adults discover their “why” and “what”so that they can live life with purpose!

Kutitiva was primarily established to assist underprivileged youth in discovering their strengths, and talents, and assist them in how to utilize these for personal growth and future development and success.

We are the Not-For-Profit arm of Retrain (Pty) Ltd – www.retrain.co.za – a South African company established with people at their heart. Retrain is the African Licensee of Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC. and utilizes their ground-breaking online assessments and tools, coupled with coaching and workshops, to help unpack results, and assist clients in making full use of the remarkable tools that lie within them.

Who do we assist?

Learners Grade R to 12, Tertiary, Tvet Students, and Educators

What makes us different?

Our comprehensive assessment cover 5 key elements of self-discovery and growth:

1. Dispositions   (Personality types)

2. Modalities      (Processing types – Auditory, Visual, Tactile – Kinesthetic)

3. Talents.          (What comes naturally)

4. Environment (Environmental influences)

5. Interests         (#1 motivators)

Our interaction and training covers life skills such as study skills, subject choice, career guidance, communication and conflict resolution skills.

We are hands on, engaged and offer a social element to development. We love helping others love themselves and realize their potential!


To be the instruments of change in children and adult’s lives, and enhance life skills development and education in South Africa.



To create purposeful, fulfilled and contributing children and adults, through self-discovery and realization of individual strengths.



·      · People . Integrity · Honour · Responsibility · Respect · Education



·       To positively impact and be a catalyst of change in young people’s lives

.       To challenge young (and older!) minds, and give a purpose and hope in life!

.       To reach as many as possible Learners and Educators in all fields of education across South Africa

·       To enhance the education system in South Africa

·       To improve the lives of South Africans – present and future – through self-discovery and learning

·       To erode poverty through self-discovery and education