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What do you get when you take 185 Grade 7 students to a Corporate Office Park? You get DELOITTE Talent and Transformation IMPACT DAY!

Deloitte joined hands with Kutitiva Foundations School’s Project into Olievenhoutbosch Community. Wide-eyed and brimming with excitement the learners filed in through the large front doors with little gasps heard at the size and how “smart” it is. On passing the bicycle on display in the entrance, one student said: “My dream car!”

The prep by the Deloitte team was thorough and they were waiting with an organised name tag system, and breakfast in the courtyard whilst teachers were treated to coffee and breakfast.The main auditorium caused yet another gasp and made the learners feel SO important as they sat with expectation!

A warm welcome by Alison Jackson – Impact Day Champion for Talent and Transformation, was followed by Sandy Willard – Head of Learning and Events introduction, with an energising, heart-felt, motivational talk and activity engaging students by Associate Director – Dr. Rutendo Hwindingwi.

Learners were divided into 3 Training Rooms and the Kutitiva Foundation Team presented an interactive 90-minute training workshop on personal Learning Styles with practical examples of study techniques from “Reflective Educational Perspectives™”.The Deloitte Team were amazing with facilitating group discussions, followed by a thought-provoking activity set up by their team. One young learner was so moved she cried as she wrote about her Hero -her brother.

A nutritious lunch was well coordinated and then it was back into the auditorium as the day’s fun program was wrapped up with another motivational speaker. Much to the absolute surprise of the teachers – each educator was presented with a tablet from Deloitte! A few were in tears, and one teacher kept taking her gift out and covering her mouth with disbelief!

Deloitte has also invested with Kutitiva Foundation’s Olievenhoutbosch Schools Project beyond Impact Day – by sponsoring 20 Student and 16 Teachers with assessments and training workshops. This equips teachers and students in personal and team development, study techniques, classroom management skills, and resilience skills building.

Thank you, Deloitte for linking hands with us with your Talent and Transformation team to impact young lives and develop a community!


Telkom Foundation

The Telkom Foundation announced its major investment in education in 2016, whereby it pledged more than R200 million over the next five years to contribute towards improving the quality of teaching and learning in disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

The program is being rolled out in five Ga-Rankuwa schools in Tshwane West, Gauteng, and two schools in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape in.  The schools in Ga-Rankuwa have already seen Telkom provide tablets to every Grade 8 learner in 2017 and to subsequent grade 8 learners over the next three years.

The Telkom Foundation recognizes that the psychosocial and emotional support of learners and teachers is a necessary component of its strategy and programmes and that it cannot focus only on the cognitive and academic development of learners nor solely on the development of teachers’ academic and pedagogical skills.

Kutitiva Foundation has the privilege of partnering with Telkom Foundation – http://www.telkomfoundation.co.za/our-partners.html  – in their psychosocial services to mobilize immediate support for learners. To date Kutitva has assessed over 3000 Learners across the 7 schools, with follow-up workshops and psychosocial assistance. Kutitiva is assisting in developing the learners in study skills, self-confidence and awareness,resilience, conflict resolution skills, communication skills, and subject and career choice guidance.

See the link for more details: http://www.telkomfoundation.co.za/new-strategy-psycosocial-support.html

Kutitiva partnering with Telkom High Schools Project in 7 schools in Ga-Rankuwa and Port Elizabeth:

Kutitiva partnering with Telkom High Schools Project in 7 schools in Ga-Rankuwa and Port Elizabeth:

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Kutitiva has joined hands with Protec in the Telkom High Schools Project whereby we have had assessments and workshops with the Protec Tutors, further equipping them in the great work they are doing with the Telkom Foundation Students.

Kutitiva provides lesson material for the World of Work Psychosocial subject in the Protec- Telkom Project and facilitates Saturday teaching and Holiday School Programme’s content for WoW. We train and monitor the Tutors in their presentation of the Life Skills material that we supply.

Protec’s model is one of Learner Excellence for 38 years. They provide Saturday school classes,Vacation school programmes, Vacation Camps,Work Experience, Life skills coaching, Exam preparation camps and Materials.


Training with Protec Teachers/Tutors: